Sam enters the House by way of a black void after his death. In this emptiness, he is supposed to create a room of his own, but before he can accomplish this, Sam is chased away by a blue wave of wailing souls.






Alex is a good guy, but often finds himself the subject of scorn by other inhabitants of the House. This is due to the fact that he seems to alienate as many people as he endears with his attitude. A physical distinction Alex carries are the words that are written all over his body. These words aren’t fixed, they change and move based on his thoughts and emotions. For this reason, Alex also has trouble keeping his thoughts to himself.




Arthur tends to be very private and extremely paranoid. He is, however, a super-genius and has devoted himself to discovering how the House operates. Before he left the mutual gathering point in the House, he had come up with most of the theories that the people use in their everyday lives.





Devi is the host of hosts. With an interest in keeping people distracted with drink, fun and adventure, she has made her way up as the commander of the Old Coats—the largest group of residents in the House. When Alex comes to her with a plan to capture Arthur, she readily agrees; only both of them know that because their end goal revolves around the same man, a double-cross is inevitable.




Velouria has been a wandering resident of the House–or at least she has been until recently. Now, she’s beginning to see that the group that she’s been introduced to through Sam might be worth her time and energy. A warrior to the core, Velouria uses her hatchet first and asks questions later.





Though she may appear to be a little girl, Kate entered the House as a 10-year-old and hasn’t aged a day since. But don’t let the look fool you. Kate is as destructive as any other resident, and with her friend Roth at her side, there’s not been a battle that they haven’t conquered.





The Wretched

Little more than a decomposing husk of a human. The wretched tend to find a room and burrow into it. The longer they stay, the more they infect the room, turning it from whatever it was into a decomposing structure of muck.




cast_frailThe Frail

The Frail are the wretched’s counterpart. It looks like a heavenly being of peace and innocence. It always appears as benevolent, calm
and loving, which is how it sucks you in. The truth comes once you get too close. The frail is in a state of constant curiosity, need
and hunger. While the wretched will hole up in a room and decompose it from the inside out, the frail will embark on an endless journey through the rooms of the house without ever really knowing just what it’s looking for.